Bird (2020) - HD 720p

Rating: 5.1

Greg Vargas, a retired street wise criminal, is leaving his life of crime in hopes of making it big in the music business. When his attempt at stardom fails, he returns to his hometown where his old friends re-enter his life to convince him to join them for one more heist. During the heist, he discovers a half-naked young woman named Samantha Flores (nicknamed "Birdie") who is completely wet and in an almost catatonic state staggering down the deserted road where he waits for his friends to return from their heist. He picks her up in hopes of drawing suspicion away from the theft, but as soon as he picks her up, they are rear ended by someone who intends on killing them. Through his skills as a driver, he is able to lose the car, but this leads to the assailants targeting both the woman and Greg as their next victims. Due to the trauma of the night's events, Samantha "Birdie" Flores has no memory of who and why people are trying to kill her; she only sees brief flashes of the incident that led to all the trouble. Greg investigates the night of the heist in an attempt to discover who is after them, so he can save both Birdie and himself from the men that are after them. This leads him to the man who hired him and his friends for the heist, an unscrupulous crime figure name Biggie Lambright. Biggie, who wants Greg to work for him on a continual basis, makes Greg a deal. He will only intervene and stop the attempts on Greg's and Samantha's lives if Greg goes back and finishes the heist that he halted to save the girl. Now Greg is forced to pull off the heist again, and if he fails, not only is his life but the lives of those closest to him are at stake. Out of options, Greg must either solve the crime or pull off the heist. If he fails at either, not only is his life at stake, but the lives of the people that are closest to him. IMDb