Dying:101 (2019) - HD 1080p

Rating: 4.3

The last thing Eddie Mills wants to do is go home to and deal with his family and his dying Dad. In Chicago, Eddie is a single, middle-aged doorman at the Peninsula Hotel. He's content to live hand to mouth, and stare into his beer and ponder where he went wrong. But back in Bel Air MD, he knows there are plenty of reminders that his life did not turn out as expected. The Catholic guilt gnaws at him. Eddie returns to his childhood home with its crazy cast of familial characters. A weepy overweight sister, a bipolar brother in law, two endlessly judging, religiously conservative brothers. To top it off, a passive aggressive stepmother, Dawn, in total denial that her husband is passing. The film jumps back and forth over his two weeks stay. From hospital, to funeral, to crematorium, back to when his dad was healthy. Eddie's memory trips back and forth when he was a little child. His father, who was so strong in his life, lays now before Eddie.... frail and helpless. As time runs out for his Dad, Eddie starts to booze it up with his old high school buddies to hide from the pain. Running into his ex changes everything. Just as his father is passing, Eddie finds out he's the dad of a 7 year old. His world upside down, he has to come terms with his past and his future---immediately IMDb