The Innocents (2021) - HD 720p

Rating: 7.4

The year is 1863 - 'The Innocents' is the intriguing TRUE STORY of Henry Plumer as he arrives in a small mining town where the purest gold has been discovered. In a few short months, Henry is held in the highest esteem and elected Sheriff by a landslide. He appoints his deputies, assumes his duties, retrieves his bride and effectively brings law to this lawless town. Meanwhile, President Lincoln gets word of the riches flowing from the Idaho Territory (largely Democratic) and abruptly sends two Republicans of his own to ensure the money is flowing North to help fund the war for the Union. Upon arrival in Bannack, with their authority resting only on paper, the two men become frustrated and angered by their lack of support and Henry's abundance of it; they form The Montana Vigilantes and set out to lynch all who stand in their way, namely the sheriff himself. IMDb